the market.

A Small Market of Epic Proportions™. Our mission is local. We are dedicated to creating a neighborhood gathering place for food, wine, and art. Our store is the road through which passionate, regional farmers can reach their community. While food is what we do, customers are the life blood of our store. Rocket Market reflects our passion for local food, art and the community we serve.

our galaxy.

The Rocket Market opened in 1999. Alan and Shanda Shepherd, both key figures in the natural and specialty food movement in Spokane, partnered with Jeff and Julia Postlewait, known as the originators of espresso and rustic pastries in Spokane and owners of the Rocket Bakery. Their goal was to create a new kind of neighborhood market with a focused approach to grocery, emphasizing local farmers and producers, as a counter to the industrial big box stores. The Rocket Market is now a community hub for local food, wine, and art.