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the Rocket Wine Collection has dropped!

Seven wines, extreme vetted and approved by the Rocket Market staff. Solid, affordable, everyday drinkers that made it through the the gauntlet and — we hope — to your table!


  • Cab ($15)
  • Red Blend ($10)
  • Rosso ($10)
  • Pinot Gris ($10)
  • Pinot Noir ($20)
  • Sparkling ($10)
  • Sparkling feat. Pomegranate ($12)


All Washington fruit (except the sparkling, which is from California).



King Davids are Here!

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  Filaree Farms have dropped their iconic ORGANIC King David apple! Is it sweet? Tart? Crisp? YES! The most complex apple in the world.* Apples are good. *This is the opinion of Rocket... READ MORE