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The Rocket Wine Collection has dropped!
7 wines, extreme vetted and approved by the Rocket Market staff!
Solid, affordable, everyday drinkers that made it through the the gauntlet and, we hope, on to your table.

Red Blend
Pinot Gris

Pinot Noir
Sparkling feat. Pomegranate

All Washington fruit (except the sparkling, which is California)
Everything is $10 except for the Cab ($15), Pinot Noir ($20), and Sparkling feat. Pomegranate ($12), totally worth it!

King Davids are Here!

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  Filaree Farms have dropped their iconic ORGANIC King David apple! Is it sweet? Tart? Crisp? YES! The most complex apple in the world.* Apples are good. *This is the opinion of Rocket... READ MORE